Damon® Smile for Adults

Damon® Smiles for Patients of All Ages

Many adults wish they had healthier, more attractive smiles. But, because their teen years are behind them, they think that orthodontic treatment simply isn’t an option for them. However, with the Damon system, this isn’t the case.

The Damon system is designed to treat all sorts of orthodontic problems on patients of all ages. It goes beyond simply correcting the alignment of your teeth to truly transforming your look, balancing your profile, improving the shape of your face, and more. These are changes that will last the rest of your life, giving you greater confidence no matter your age.

And correcting your smile isn’t just about looks. Teeth that are not ideally aligned will wear down faster, making it easier for gum disease to occur, and possibly result in the loss of teeth. These are all problems you want to avoid, whether you are just getting started with your adult life or enjoying retirement. And the Damon system can keep them at bay.

So, why should you consider treatment with the Damon system?

  • Braces will give you a fuller, wider smile, which keeps you looking bright and youthful.
  • As the system corrects your teeth, it will also balance your facial features.
  • You will get smoother cheek contours which help to give you a warm and welcoming look.
  • Dark triangles at the corners of your mouth will be lessened or eliminated.
  • Your teeth will be straighter, making them healthier and more attractive.

A Damon Smile can change your life. To learn more about how it can work for you, schedule your consultation today.

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