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When you think about medical advances, what do you picture? Innovative surgical techniques, lifesaving medications, and artificial limbs are all common things to think of. But what about orthodontics?

While it is a field that tends to get overlooked, orthodontics has seen incredible advances in the last several decades, with many revolutionary changes occurring in the last ten years. Braces may not save lives, but they do change them, giving people confidence, allowing them to keep their teeth healthier, reducing jaw pain, and more. And that is why we stay on top of the latest developments within the field.

By embracing new forms of treatment, we are able to transform smiles and change lives while also making the time spent in treatment more palatable to our patients. One of our favorite innovative forms of treatment is Damon Smile. These braces designed to be even more effective than traditional metal braces while also being less visible and more comfortable. Additionally, treatment time tends to be several months shorter than it would be with traditional metal braces.

The System Makes the Smile

Getting a beautiful and healthy smile is the most important part of entering into braces treatment. However, if you can have an easy time while in treatment, that makes it all the better. Some of the benefits the Damon system offers include:

Damon Smile

Incredible Technology

Damon braces do not need ties to hold the brackets in place, so there are fewer pieces and fewer adjustments needed. This also helps make them less visible and keeps your teeth cleaner.

Damon Smile

Less Time Needed

Not only does the Damon system work faster than traditional metal braces, but since fewer adjustments are made, you make fewer trips to the office, allowing you to keep your schedule as it is.

Genuine Comfort

While it works faster than other types of braces, this isn’t because it applies an uncomfortable amount of force. Damon braces are gentle, using low-friction force to move your teeth into place quickly and easily.

Easy to Clean

Because there are fewer parts to the braces, there are less places for plaque and bacteria to hide. This means that keeping your teeth clean during treatment is easier on you.

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