Damon® Smile Testimonials

Damon® Smile Testimonials

Damon Smile

Here’s what some real Damon Smile patients had to

Once you enjoy the revolutionary treatment and incredible results of the Damon system, you won’t be able to stop talking about it. Below are some of the things our patients have had to say.

“I put off getting braces for a long time because of my age, but Damon braces made me look and feel great. Not only are my teeth straighter, but my face is more symmetrical. I am practically a new person.” – Catherine (20 months, 12 appointments)

“I finally feel happy with my teeth. For the first time in my life, I am smiling confidently.” – Tammy (19 months, 18 appointments)

“I went to several orthodontists to fix my underbite, and they all said I needed surgery. But then I came here and was offered Damon. Now, my smile looks great and I avoided painful surgery.” – Rachel (12 appointments)

“My teeth were very crooked, to the point that I struggled to chew food or speak properly. I was always told surgery was needed, but instead, I used Damon. Now, my smile is what I always wanted it to be.” – Andrew (20 months, 11 appointments)

“After Damon, I look like the person I always wanted to be.” – Ashley (22 months, 18 appointments)

“My teeth were crooked enough that it impacted my speech. Within just one month, my speech had started to improve. Now, it is like there was never a problem.” Tony (16 months, eight appointments)

“My teeth were not very crooked, and I don’t think most people noticed, but I did. The Damon system fixed my teeth quickly, and now I feel confident when I smile.” – Charlene (18 months, 11 appointments)

“As a parent, I was very happy with the results of Damon Smile on my son. Not only do his teeth look wonderful, but the appointments needed were few, so it worked with my busy schedule.” – Parent

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