Invisalign® Costs

Invisalign® Costs

You are your best investment

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Your smile is worth investing in. Not only do you feel more confident with an attractive smile, but your oral health is improved. And since oral health is tied to your overall health, correcting your smile can really change your whole life.

Of course, even when there are incredible benefits, you need to be worried about the costs. To help you feel more confident entering into Invisalign treatment, let’s take a look at what you need to know about Invisalign costs.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

There is no set cost for Invisalign treatment. With each person, there will be a different price point. Factors that go into determining the cost of Invisalign include the depth of the problems being corrected, the time spent in treatment, and specific details determined by the doctor.


Most dental insurance plans treat Invisalign just like braces. So, if your plan covers braces in whole or in part, it should cover Invisalign in whole or in part. We can work with your insurance provider to determine what the coverage is and how to maximize your benefits.

If your plan does not cover Invisalign or does not cover it in full, we can offer you flexible payment options that make your treatment work with your budget. We will discuss the options at your initial consultation.

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