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Invisalign Teen® Makes a Beautiful Smile Easy to Achieve

Braces have long been a rite of passage of teens and preteens. Not only do we expect kids in this age range to have them, but many teens were excited to get their braces.

But times are changing, and so are teen perceptions of braces treatment. The current generation is more conscious of their looks than ever, thanks in no small part to the rise of social media. As such, they tend to be more resistant to getting braces, wanting to keep their teeth bare so they can smile bright in photos and videos.

In response to this shift in perspectives, Invisalign now offers Invisalign Teen. This is essentially the same system adults have been using for years, but with a few special features designed to make it easier for teens to use. With Invisalign, teens can get a straight, healthy smile while still feeling confident throughout treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Some of the benefits Invisalign Teen can offer your child include:

  • Invisibility so treatment stays a secret.
  • Removability so your teen does not need to change their diet of how they brush and floss.
  • Comfortability so the mouth is not irritated by the appliance.

Additionally, the aligners are unique to your teen and come with indicators that show if the aligner has been worn enough or not. It also comes with a few free replacements in case your teen loses an aligner or two.

If your teen could benefit from Invisalign Teen, call us to schedule their initial consultation.

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