Invisalign® Testimonials

Invisalign® Testimonials

photo of man with invisalign appliance

With more than three million people treated by Invisalign worldwide, there are many testimonials you can read regarding its effectiveness. Here we have gathered a few from the thousands of patients we have treated.

    Patient Testimonials

  • christa

    I watched my brother struggled with eating while wearing braces when we were kids. I am glad I chose Invisalign because I never had to worry about that.

  • martin

    I wanted straight teeth but didn’t want to deal with the irritation braces cause. Invisalign aligners are smooth, so I never had any irritation to deal with.

  • gina

    My teeth have always bothered me but I knew that the look of braces would bother me even more. Invisalign allowed me to straighten my teeth without anyone knowing.

  • alex

    I didn’t really think plastic aligners could move my teeth as well as braces, but they did. My treatment was finished in about nine months and I am very happy with my teeth now.

  • teresa

    I don’t actually mind the look of braces, but I didn’t want to change my eating habits while straightening my teeth. Since I can remove my Invisalign aligners, I don’t have to worry about that.

  • daniel

    Daniel, Age 38, Chauffeur

    I am still in treatment but I am already happy with the results I can see. I feel much better about my smile and I am glad I made the leap and started treatment.

  • gina

    Virginia, Age 31, Analyst Relations

    Normal braces were not an option for me because I am in a customer-facing position. Invisalign allows me to improve my health and smile while still being effective at my job.

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